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cara kerja cuci sepatu sibersih

How We Work

Of course we know that SiBersih is a premium shoe washing service. But what makes SiBersih premium? On this page, we will explain what we do and provide for customers and why our service is one of the best and deserves to be called a premium service.

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Contact us

Before you make a transaction at SiBersih you can contact us via our official WhatsApp: +62-821-1789-9199

At this stage, you can consult with our team regarding any problems you are facing with your shoes/items. Our team will immediately provide the best answer based on our experience as certified shoe care experts. So apart from making transactions, you can also consult for FREE with our team. So what are you waiting for, let's contact SiBersih immediately for more information!


Shoes Pickup

After you decide to make a transaction at SiBersih, you can ask our team to pick up your shoes (or other accessories) at your place.

pickup service from SiBersih

Before our team picks up, SiBersih will first confirm whether your location is within our reach or not. Apart from that, our team will also make a decision whether you need to pay for the pick-up and drop-off service or not based on the distance and number of transactions you make. You can see our simple calculator at the following link: Calculator

leather shoe washing process


Cleaning Process

After your shoes or goods are received, our team will provide you with an invoice and proof of transaction. And our team will immediately wash it as best as possible

This is the main stage and you must pay close attention, especially to our Terms and Conditions, so that there are no misunderstandings. The cleaning process is carried out by first screening the level of dirt on the shoes to determine what kind of cleaning method is suitable for the shoes. In general, we use the semi-dry method, which is the safest method for shoes because it doesn't use too much water. However, for shoes that are at an extreme level of dirt, such as muddy, strong smelling, moldy, and/or have heavy stains, it is necessary to use a wet washing method to maximize the cleaning process.

To make it clear, here is the sequence of the cleaning process that we carry out:

  1. Screening the level of dirtiness of shoes/items

  2. Determining the cleaning method (semi-dry, dry, or wet clean)

  3. Cleaning process (at this stage, sometimes additional special cleaning is needed for certain shoes such as using mummification, detailing, spotting and/or fusing methods for maximum results without additional costs)

  4. QC process

    • If it meets QC standards, it will immediately move to number 5

    • If it does not meet QC standards, our team will back to number 3 (re-cleaned), maximum 3 repetitions.

  5. Finishing process


Pick Up/Delivery Service

After your shoes/items have been processed. SiBersih will inform you via WhatsApp, at this stage you can come directly to our store to pick up or ask to be delivered back.

pick-up or return delivery service

When picking up/delivering shoes/items, you have the right to submit a claim for a cleanliness guarantee on the shoes/items if you feel it still not clean enough. And, our team also has the right to submit arguments whether the warranty claim is valid or not.

Every customer who has been informed regarding the completion of the shoe/goods processing process is required to collect them a maximum of 1 month later. If it is longer than that time, we are not responsible for anything that happens to the customer's shoes/goods.

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