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Our Services

SiBersih provides premium shoes cleaning services at affordable prices, fast service, and guaranteed quality. Find the most suitable services for your shoes at SiBersih​

cuci sepatu deep cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Start from IDR 55K

Deep cleaning method is a method of cleaning shoes down to the deepest part of your shoe. This method is generally used to clean shoes that have not been washed for a long time and smell bad.​

Process Time: 1-3 days

Fast Cleaning

Start from IDR 30K

Fast cleaning method is a method of cleaning shoes only on the outside such as the upper and midsole. This method is more affordable compared to deep cleaning.​

Process Time: 1-3 days

layanan cuci sepatu fast cleaning sibersih
treatment sepatu whitening sibersih


Start from IDR 100K

Whitening method is used to re-whiten your shoes that are white but have faded, become dull or changed color. This method is very powerful to make your white shoes like new.

Process Time: 5-7 days


Start from IDR 80K

Unyellowing is a method for removing yellowish stains caused by aging rubber on shoes. Usually this occurs due to oxidation of the material so that the material changes color to yellowish.​

Process Time: 5-7 days

treatment sepatu unyellowing sibersih

Shoes & Apparel Repair

Another services from SiBersih, we also provides shoe repair services such as re-glue, repainting, remade, retouch, and shoe polish services.​

reparasi sepatu sibersih

Other Services

Apart from shoe cleaning services, SiBersih also has other premium services special for you.​

layanan cuci lainnya sibersih
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