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Shoes Type

Reguler Material

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One type of shoe that is quite common today is shoes with regular material. One of the easiest characteristics to see in this type of shoe is that the upper only consists of 1 material. Materials that are quite commonly found in regular shoe types are canvas, polyester, mesh, cotton, etc. This type of shoe is easier to clean and care for because the material is quite strong and resistant to water.

Full Leather / White

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Nowadays, shoes made from leather are widely produced by the shoe industry, both from genuine leather and synthetic leather. Leather is quite popular because the material feels premium and elegant. In general, leather is divided into 2 categories, finished leather and unfinished leather. Example of the finished leather category is the texture is smooth and slightly stiff, whereas unfinished leather is a slightly hairy and flexible texture like suede.

Meanwhile, white shoes are white shoes.

Leather shoes are more difficult to care for because the material is quite sensitive, while white shoes are more difficult to wash because stains on white shoes are very difficult to remove.

Mixed Material

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Mixed material is one of the most common shoe materials found today because the model is quite attractive and looks stylish. One of the characteristics of mixed material shoes is that they have 2 or more materials on the upper. The materials commonly used in mixed material shoes are mesh and leather. This type of shoe is more difficult to clean because each material needs to be washed in a different way so that all parts of the shoe are maintained and not damaged.

Shoes Cleaning Method

Parts of Shoes

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Fast Clean Method


Fast cleaning method is a method of washing the outside of the shoe, namely the upper and midsole. This method is usually used on shoes that are only dirty on the outside and there are no extreme cases such as smelly or muddy shoes.

Deep Clean Method


Deep clean method is a method of washing all parts of the shoe including the upper, midsole, outsole and insole. This method is highly recommended for shoes that are dirty on the outside and inside of the shoe. It is highly recommended that shoes with extreme levels of dirt, such as smelly or muddy, use the deep clean washing method.

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